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AC Schnitzer BMW X6 Falcon

AC Schnitzer BMW X6 Falcon

Falcons are becoming increasingly common in town. Now a particularly imposing variant of the agile predator is conquering the road valleys with its broad wings: the Falcon based on the X6 by AC Schnitzer. It follows the styling features of the X5 version of the same name, already successfully launched. Other identifying marks are the striking wing extensions of PU-RIM, a high quality plastic which is far more flexible and robust than for example GRP laminate or deep-drawn materials such as ABS. The dimensions of the X6 in the attractive lengthways format are 70 mm wider at the front axle and 80 mm wider at the rear. In other respects too the Falcon is perfectly adapted to its habitat. Instead of sweeping through the sky, it swept around the North Loop of the Nurburgring in numerous laps until the chassis developers and Engineering Director Manfred Wollgarten were totally satisfied with the setup of the new AC Schnitzer springs. Now the X6 remains firmly on the ground even at speeds which a normal falcon only achieves in a nosedive. And of course, on every corner. Downforce instead of lift, was the motto in the design of the impressive plumage, styled by Chief Designer Michele Viandante. The aerodynamics package includes a front skirt with diagonal air inlets, and repositioned fog lamps. The submarining protection has been removed in favour of a dynamically contoured spoiler edge. The Falcon rear now wears a solid skirt with edge frame. In contrast to the original, all components are painted in body colour throughout, so that the body appears drawn further down and hence more dominant. Instead of the submarining protection also originally fitted here, AC Schnitzer has opted for a rear diffuser and completed the effect with a new rear spoiler.

While birds generally sing in high keys, the bass engine note of the Falcon is more suggestive of a big cat. The twin-flow exhaust system in AC Schnitzer Racing Design however has an excellent resonance section. A lot of noise about nothing? On the contrary: thanks to the Control Unit, AC Schnitzer takes the series diesel engines, already excellent as standard, of types 30d and 35d to 200 kW / 272 HP instead of 173 kW / 235 HP, and 228 kW / 310 HP instead of 210 kW / 286 HP respectively. Perfect handling with corresponding Look and Feel is achieved with the "EVO" 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheel.

Instead of the falconer’s rings, the "legs" of the Falcon are decorated with the multipiece AC Schnitzer alloy wheels Type Vll. With black or silver paint and a dense sequence of spokes, the 22" rim perfectly complements the challenging appearance. The alternating spread angle of the web pairs gives a refined look. Decorated and equipped in this way, the AC Schnitzer Falcon really has no natural enemies out there.

AC Schnitzer performance upgrades

for BMW X6 3.0dX with 173 kW / 235 HP to

200 kW / 272 HP through new Control Unit

for BMW X6 3.5dX with 210 kW / 286 HP to

228 kW / 310 HP through new Control Unit

AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer

incl. two chromed “Racing“ tailpipes

for X6 30dX, 35dX, 35iX, 50iX

Suspension: AC Schnitzer spring kit for cars with or without self levelling;

X6 30dX, 35dX, 35iX, 50iX

AC Schnitzer front spoiler

AC Schnitzer rear skirt

AC Schnitzer rear spoiler

AC Schnitzer edge frame

AC Schnitzer bonnet vents, air duct set for bonnet

AC Schnitzer wide body front fenders:+ 70 mm

rear fenders: + 80 mm

AC Schnitzer 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheel

AC Schnitzer 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheel “Evo“

AC Schnitzer carbon steering wheel insert silver "Exklusiv"

AC Schnitzer carbon interior silver “Exklusiv“

AC Schnitzer carbon door panels silver “Exclusiv“

AC Schnitzer aluminium cover for i-Drive system

AC Schnitzer aluminium cover for i-Drive system “Black Line“

AC Schnitzer aluminium pedals

AC Schnitzer aluminium foot rest

AC Schnitzer velours floor mats

AC Schnitzer Racing Wheels Type VII silver or black

front: 10,0J x 22“ offset 20 with tyres 295/30 R22

rear: 11,5J x 22“ offset 10 with tyres 335/25 R22

Text and photos: AC Schnitzer

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AC Schnitzer BMW X6 Falcon

AC Schnitzer BMW X6 Falcon

AC Schnitzer BMW X6 Falcon

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